How does a sculpture work?

We believe the value of sculpture is not only to decorate but to integrate as part of an architectural structure or free standing in an environmental space. A sculpture could be made to commemorate the struggle of a revolutionist, to represent the mission of an organisation, to mark the heritage of a street, to complement the architecture beauty of a tower or simply an elephant of its kind for children to play with.

Established in 1992 under the name Potential Art, servicing architects, interior designers, landscaping designers, urban planners, contractors, museums, corporations, the company has then accumulating valuable experience in sculpture making. Year 2005 saw a transformation which urged the birth of SCULPTUREATWORK, a creative bound sculpture studio, with full in-house facilities to meet the growing demand in sculpture designs.

Together with our 13,000 square foot workshop, housing over 100 sculptors, designers and artists from various departments such as modeling, sculpting, mold making, casting, metal making, wood carving and etc, SCULPTUREATWORK set to be a committed workforce in providing inspirations, in the form of sculptures, to our living space.

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