The White Face & Deer Sculptures

Client: The Macalister Sdn Bhd
Location: Macalister Mansion, Penang
Material: Calcium Carbonate with Resin Reinforced

This large ‘cubist-influenced’ bust in the garden of Macalister Mansion, a boutique hotel on Macalister Road, honours Norman Macalister, acting Governor of Penang between 1807 – 1810. Simple and bold in execution, and referencing as it does an earlier, colonial stage in the life of Penang, it would also appear to mark a greater confidence in recognising Penang’s heritage. Macalister Mansion located along the historic Macalister Road in Penang. It is designed around the idea of an old English mansion and each space is designed to provide hospitality of an actual home. The deer sculptures are placed in one of the dining places as decorations.

Completed: 2012

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